Can I leave the machine on-site but have time gaps in my rental?

DOZR requires you to pay for the entire duration that that your equipment is on-site, whether or not it's being used. Longer rental periods typically provide better value.

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For example, can you rent the machine for one week, leave it on site and not use it for the next, and then use it the following week and only be charged for 2 weeks of use?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot have gaps in rental periods and payment periods in that sense because the supplier would be missing out on possible rentals. You would have to pay for the full time the machine is on your site.

However, the bonus of renting equipment on DOZR is that you can rent the exact machine you need for the exact time period you need it. You can always book two separate one-week rentals and simply not have a machine during the time between. If you have any specific rental needs for specific days or want to learn more about flexibility of booking with DOZR, explore our rentals on or call to speak to a DOZR Sales Rep who can help you out with the best rental plan for your project.

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