Finding equipment specs & photos

DOZR listings include basic equipment specifications. If you need more detailed equipment information for your job, you can contact our sales team or view our equipment spec guides

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Where to find equipment specs

Click Show Details to see additional spec and equipment model information. Specs will vary depending on the equipment class and category you’re viewing.

What if I need more detailed information?

For example:

“Is this scissor lift narrow enough to fit through the door?”
Does my machine take gasoline or diesel?

Need more info to determine the equipment's suitability for your job? DOZR’s Sales Team will be happy to get any specs you need.

Equipment photos in search listings

As DOZR partners with hundreds of rental companies, equipment photos may not be readily available for every listing. However, you can request photos of the specific machine you’ll receive once your rental is confirmed. You can do this by adding a request to the "Notes" section when booking online, or by reaching out to your Sales Representative at any time.