How does equipment delivery work?

How to receive your equipment, contract your delivery driver, and get equipment keys...

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We deliver your equipment where you need it, when you need it. Simply set your delivery preferences in checkout and our team will handle the logistics. When you choose delivery through DOZR, you don’t need to worry about transportation insurance, supplying your own trailer, or managing any part of the pick-up and dropoff process.

Receiving your equipment

For the smoothest delivery, we recommend you have someone onsite during the delivery time window specified in your order, so they can direct the driver to the appropriate drop-off point and take possession of the keys.

Do I have to be onsite to take delivery?

If you can’t have someone onsite to accept delivery, please contact the DOZR Customer Success team to let them know wheredelivery driver should offload your equipment.

Obtaining keys and/or access codes

Keys and/or equipment access codes are delivered with equipment and typically released to the person accepting the machine. If nobody is present to accept the delivery…

Late deliveries

We do our best to ensure all equipment arrives within the delivery time window you specify at the start of your order. In the rare case of a delivery delay, you can contact the DOZR team at  1-844-956-3040. Our team will update your rental start time accordingly to ensure you’re not charged for missing time.

Contacting your delivery driver

With DOZR, you don't need to worry about the logistics of delivery or pickup. We take care of the details for you. If you have any specific needs, questions, or requests for your equipment being delivered, it’s best to contact our DOZR Customer Success team. We can put you in contact with your delivery driver if desired.