How does DOZR source my equipment?

DOZR partners with thousands of equipment suppliers. If your preferred supplier can't fulfill your order, we’ll source alternatives on the DOZR Marketplace.

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What happens after I click reserve?

While we do our best to provide accurate inventory in our results, sometimes a supplier cannot fulfill your order. In that case, we take advantage of the DOZR Marketplace to source equipment form other suppliers in your jobsite area and make sure you get the equipment you need at a fair and competitive price.

You place your reservation online.

We take your payment information and begin working on your order. We won’t make a charge until your requested equipment is confirmed by a supplier.

We source your equipment.

Once your request is confirmed, the team at DOZR will look to source the equipment from your preferred supplier. If they can't fulfill your order, we'll search the other rental companies in your jobsite area for the same equipment at the same price.

If needed, we contact you.

If the equipment cannot be sourced at the preferred price, we will reach out to you with an adjusted quote. You will not be charged the new rates until confirmation is received.

Instant Book

Instant Book listings show the supplier’s stock right on the search page. Your rental will be confirmed right away when you use Instant Book.

How long will it take to reserve my equipment?

Typical orders have a lead-time of around 2 hours. However, certain equipment classes such as dump trucks may take up to a day.

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