Requesting equipment service

Accidents happen. If your equipment breaks down or gets damaged during the rental period, DOZR's Customer Success Team will make sure you get the service you need.

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We know mishaps can happen. In the case of an accident or breakdown, DOZR will help you quickly get repairs or replacements to make sure you can get the job done. If you run into any issues with your rental, you can contact the DOZR Customer Success Team at 1-844-956-3040. We're happy to get a technician to your site as soon as possible. Please ensure there is someone on-site with a cell phone who can receive callbacks from technicians and field mechanics.

Service Fees

If your machine breaks down due to normal wear and tear, the machine will be serviced at no additional charge to you. 

If the breakdown is caused by misuse or operator error, there may be additional service fees added to the rental. Issues due to misuse or operator error are the responsibility of the renter and cannot be compensated. It is important to do your due-diligence as an equipment renter and keep the equipment protected.

Do I need to be on-site while the tech is making repairs?

Yes, you or a contact who is aware of the issue with the machine should be on site to meet with the technician. If you have any concerns about being on site to meet a technician, speak to our Customer Success team to set up an alternative day for service.

Can I use my own mechanic?

Rentals are only to be serviced and maintained by DOZR-provided mechanics to ensure the safety of the equipment and its operators.

Will I be compensated for lost time?

While DOZR cannot provide monetary compensation, we will extend your rental free of charge to make up for the downtime provided the damage was not the result of operator error.