How many hours are included in my rental?

Rentals include 8hr/day, 40hr/week, 160hr/4 weeks. Additional fees will apply if the hours on the machine are exceeded.

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Rentals typically include the following number of hours:

  • 8 hours per day
  • 40 hours per week
  • 16 hours per four weeks

Additional fees will apply if the hours on the machine are exceeded.

If you have a specific requirement for hours of use or are looking for a specific use-case of a machine, a DOZR Sales Representative can help you find the best rental timeline to suit your needs. Give our team a call to speak to a Sales Team member and they'll be happy to talk with you.

How do weekend-only rentals work?

For regular weekend rentals, DOZR is happy to offer a special one day term where rentals delivered on Friday afternoon and picked up on Monday are only charged for 1 day or 8 hours of use. Long weekends are not included in this special offer.

Please reach out to your Sales Representative to see what other offers are available for your specific weekend. For weekly or monthly rentals, weekends are included in the standard rental rate.

If you are looking to rent a machine for a specific period fo time, our sales team can help with that, too.

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