Equipment rental prices

The DOZR Marketplace allows you to compare prices from a number of rental partners in your area.

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How prices are determined

Equipment rental prices are determined by our rental partners. DOZR doesn't own any of the equipment listed. Instead, we provide an aggregate of rental options to help connect available machines with people who need to rent them. 

The variety in price on the DOZR Marketplace comes from the wide range of equipment rental suppliers we work with. Prices are listed according to each rental company's daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates. Equipment listed on DOZR can be rented for long-term, seasonal projects as well. DOZR’s Sales Representatives can provide additional information for long-term rentals.

Discounts for longer rentals

In many cases, weekly rental rates will be less than renting the equipment for the equivalent number of single days. Be sure to study the sates and determine which rental period will get you the best price.

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